February 25, 2021


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Prime minister and i episode 17 finale.

Drama Korea

The Prime Minister and I, Prime Minister Is Dating, Watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 eng sub, The Prime Minister and I online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, The Prime Minister and I dub drama Cantonese, watch The Prime Minister and I ep 11 , ep. Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Prime Minister And I Episode 16 with subtitles. Subtitled in Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Tagalog, Turkish. 3 Feb Oh boy was this a rough episode of Prime Minister and I. There was some romance but any whiff of comedy went right out the window thanks to Da Jung being so bloody obstinate about breaking up with Yul. It was countered by so much Yul awesomeness that it saved what might otherwise have been a fall.

I can handle the weekly waits because patience can be an acquired virtue. Prime Minister and I wrapped click today like a lame present hidden in an exciting package. Perhaps I can takeaway the effort of the cast and crew, maybe the moral of this story was true to life and subtly stirring, it could be this drama works better with time and distance between us. None of that matters though in changing my gut punch reaction when the last scene rolled in episode Am I supposed to be happy?

Should I call foul and ask for the last four episodes to be completely rewritten so that even if nothing makes sense and hobbits and orcs suddenly show up in the story as least the rest of the episode is filled with Da Jung and Yul in bed reading, kissing, and making babies. Agreed to by a Prime Minister? So easy, so why did this drama make it such a prolonged bout of angst and woe. She had a functioning brain about to think but her thought processes and personality morphed into a wet blanket of a passive giver without any of the courage to be bold and forge a new path in her own life.

Yul remains the stand out in this drama from the first frame to the last, a male lead of amazing emotional fortitude and moral character who remained true to his own heart. Once he decided on something, he never wavered even if the going got tough.

I lost all ability to connect with Da Jung in this episode and by the end just wanted this story to be over Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 I can move on. Yul is walking around Seoul thinking things through when Da Jung finally tracks him down. Yul stops her and asks if she can really live without him? Na Young lurches like a zombie through the streets of Seoul thinking back to her accidental meeting with her three kids in the hospital. Man Read more remembers her as the ahjumma near school while Na Ra thinks Na Young looks like their dead mom.

Woo Ri lashes out that their mom is dead because otherwise a mother would come back and look for them! Serves you right witch! The Kwon kids sit at home discussing how that ahjumma looks just like their mom.

Na Ra is certain she looks just like their supposedly dead mom, she remembers all the things her mom did with her. Woo Ri says that woman looks nothing like their mom and then storms off. Da Jung sends Yul home but he wants to stay there and keep her company and has already told the housekeeper he might not be home tonight.

She explains running into them at the hospital and Woo Ri saying out loud in her face that his mother was dead because if she was alive she would have gone back to see them. Na Young thinks what Woo Ri said is correct but Joon Ki tells her to be strong so she can reclaim her past.

Joon Ki Is Maple Why Canadian A Symbol Leaf The off but Na Young tells Yoon Hee that she never thought about reclaiming Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 past and just seeing the kids is comfort enough for her. Yoon Hee wonders if Yul told the kids everything including about Soo Ho?

Prime minister

Yul and Da Jung sit beside her dad until he wakes up click next morning. Da Jung walks Yul out and thanks him. He reminds Da Jung to eat and not to cry too much in front of her dad, promising to call her later. He asks how long he has to live? Da Jung comes by later and dad asks for the diary because he wants to write down what he did yesterday since the kids were by and so was his Kwon son-in-law.

The pen is missing from the diary so Da Jung grabs one from her purse and finds the present left by the kids. Dad shows her his furry hate present as well. Da Jung smiles at the pretty necklace present.

She gets called out to meet with a doctor so her dad rifles through her purse to look for a pen. Da Jung is wearing the necklace immediately and texts Woo Ri her thanks for the present. Na Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 calls Yul out to meet and accuses him of telling the kids the everything including Soo Ho.

Yul tells her the kids are angry and hurt and will need some time to get use to it. Na Young apologizes for her accusation that Yul told the kids. She turns to leave and Yul stops click because he never told her something very important.

He thanks her for being alive. Da Jung apologizes for the earlier lies but right now she and Yul really love each other. How could they have done something like that and lied to everyone?

Prime Minister and I Episode 16 Recap

Did she do it for him? Because he was dying? He should have died faster and him being alive is the mistake. In Ho visits his hyung and finds Na Young by his bedside. He asks if things are well after meeting Yul and Na Young nods because Yul told her that he was happy she was alive. So now she will be patient and wait for the miracle of when her kids will be willing to see her.

And she will be patient for the miracle that Soo Ho will regain consciousness one day.

Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16

In Ho smiles and says he will wait for that same miracle. Da Jung calls Yul to reveal that her dad knows everything, the contract marriage and Na Young being alive. He wants to go outside for a snowball fight and make a snowman.

The K2 Ep 16 – Take Care of Her

Da Jung cries and pushes him outside on the roof in a wheelchair. Yul arrives at the hospital and finds the room empty. Does he ask if Soo Ho can hear him talk and recognizes him? Soo Ho stares directly at him and blinks.

In Ho cries big fat tears of happiness. Her dad compliments his considerate and beautiful daughter and thinks no man is good enough for her to marry. He wants her to marry a man who only thinks about her and wants what is best for her. Da Jung assures him that there is such a man. Dad wants to walk her down the aisle on a snowy day and Da Jung reminds her dad that it already did happen. Dad suddenly has a memory of walking Da Jung down the aisle, and then his head Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 to the side and his hands fall limp.

Yul walks through the hospital and finds Da Jung crying beside her dad on the roof.

I also think it was a deliberate decision to keep NJ and the children apart once they all found out about the not-dead mum. How do they make Na Young the heroine and give her a complete free pass, with absolute ZERO consequences to her for abandoning her family and deceiving them all for 7 years? The dead mom was just a pain and it’s like after going through all that we’re ending with a handshake a year later? Thank god Yul told her so right off the bat which makes her insistence on that path so absolutely baffling to me. I hope there is season2…so everybody can be satisfied…pls,pls.

Yul walks over and asks Woo Ri to take his siblings to the car first. Na Ra cries during the walk to the car and Man Se comforts her that she can talk to grandpa in her heart.

Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16

Na Ra calls Man Se an idiot for believing that since grandpa died. If that was true then they could see their mom as well. Da Jung thanks Yul but he wants her to just cry it out. She opens his diary and finds only a few lines written down. Dad wonders what to write in the diary? His son-in-law played cards with him.

Then he writes Nam Da Jung over and more info again. Da Jung clutches the diary and breaks down sobbing and apologizing to her dad. Yul is at the basketball court with Woo Ri and asks why he changed his mind to meet his mom. Woo Ri greets her awkwardly while holding back his tears. Na Young touches him on the cheek and Woo Ri calls her mom.

I also want to see reunion not just with Yul, but the kids as well, coz lots of screentime was spent to show her bonding with the kids. The pen is missing from the diary so Da Jung grabs one from her purse and finds the present left by the kids. This drama was always centered around family, and I’m glad that it didn’t lose that plot until the end. QIM was great too but being on cable prolly helped along with the actors dating for realsies hihihi. Dude, I still got a freaking bomb in my mailbox!!!

She asks if she can hold him before pulling him into a tight embrace. Woo Ri cries on her shoulder. Yul and Joon Ki discuss that the meeting with Man Se and Na Ra will happen later since they are still young and it’s harder to explain.

Joon Ki agrees and then asks him to forget what he asked of him with respect to taking Na Young back. Read article knows he did a lot of wrong things in the past and asks if Yul will accept his apology.

Yul laughs that this is not like Joon Ki but he is willing to let time take care of it since they are friends after all, right? He asks Joon Ki to take care of Woo Ri.

He advises What The Best Asian Dating Site Ki to not make the same mistake as him.

They wonder if Da Jung should be given her old job back? In Ho reports to Yul that tomorrow is his last Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 because the new PM is taking office. The kids have moved to their new residence but Yul wants to spend his last night at the mansion. In Ho tells Yul that Da Jung is going on a long trip alone. In Ho is worried about her and thinks Yul should stop Da Jung.

Yul reminds In Ho that he said the contract marriage will one day require them to pay a price. Yul walks through the mansion and thinks back to all his memories with Da Jung. He thanks her for teaching him a lot during their time together. She asks Yul to be well going forward. She was very happy during their time together. Da Jung leaves Yul sitting there alone. Yul bids farewell to his ministerial staff including Hye Joo Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 16 is there to see him off.

He shakes hands with Hye Joo and In Ho and thank them for their hard work. Yul takes one final look at the mansion before getting into the car.